INTERNATIONAL Wetschernije Nowostij (Lithuania): Professionalism combined with vast knowledge of Jewish culture and music and the great talent of the artist conquered the audience. The brilliant mastership of the guitar and voice, and the poignant performance helped the artist make the entire depth of his vast repertoire accessible to the Vilna audience. The folksongs, the songs of the Vilna Ghetto and the Jewish-American hits will remain long after in the memories of the public. (Translated from Russian)
Litowski Jerusalem (Lituania): men hot gehert a sakh oysfilers, nor do iz geven epes nayes: dos akomponirn mit a gitare in di hent fun a virtuoz, in dem tifn araynlebn zikh in inhalt fun yeder lid: a freylekh lid hot geklungen hultayish, an umetike – mit a tifn yomer, un aIts azoj hartsik, nit gekinstlt.
The Jewish Week (New York): When Kempin leans into his guitar, a spirit enters him. Kempin adheres to a rhythmic folk style, a marriage of tune and words that the poet Mordechai Gebirtig surely would have approved.
Jewish United Fund News (Chicago): Daniel Kempin performs the songs with lev and nefesh (heart and soul). The musical settings are simple and powerful.
Jewish Chronicle (Manchester): The arts will be better than ever, with some incredible musicians such as Daniel Kempin and Dimitry Reznik from Germany.

Die Welt: Songs of unusual color, full of strength and melancholy, resigned and unbelievably unbending all at once.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Daniel Kempin made the heart of the Yiddish language begin to pulse again. His virtuoso guitar playing brings the songs glowing life. Rousing klezmer music – a great entertainer.
Frankfurter Rundschau: Sensitive and rousing at the same time, Daniel Kempin adapts his voice, gestures, facial expressions and his virtuoso guitar playing to the alternating pulses of joy and melancholy and hope and despair that determined the lives of the Eastern European Jews.
Mainspitze: Introversive, Daniel Kempin holds his head low over his guitar and Dimitry Reznik closes his eyes while playing his violin. Each appears to be entirely immersed in his own instrument. Suddenly, with a short moment of eye contact they become a team and the show can start: Life is a joy!
Mannheimer Morgen: One has the impression that Yiddish is a part of the singer and great entertainer himself. With his guitar and his way of singing he breathes fiery life into the songs. The musicians filled the audience with enthusiasm with their breath taking virtuosity…
Ruhrnachrichten: The manner in which they interpret the songs shows clearly the passion with which the two artists approach their art. The palette of feelings, highly expressive, range from the gentlest tone colors to rousing, fiery outbreaks of emotion.
Süddeutsche Zeitung: The singer-guitarist Daniel Kempin shows, with his breath taking manner of performance, how a message can be transported through song.
Westdeutsche Zeitung: Dimitry Reznik proves himself to be a violinist of great talent: On the one hand a sensitive accompanist with many nuances, on the other side his solos present his devilish virtuosity. The audience goes wild.