Hier erscheint das Plakatmotiv masl un shlamasl mazl un shlamazl SOLO
The solo program with Daniel Kempin begins with the flight of the Jews from Western to Eastern Europe, tells about the living conditions in czarist Russia, of the formation of various jewish religious and political groups, renewed flight and building a new jewish life in the USA, about the Shoah (Holocaust) and includes the state of Israel.

Hier erscheint das Plakatmotiv "mir lebn eybik!" mir lebn eybik! DUO
In this program Daniel Kempin, accompanied by Dimitry Reznik on the violin, presents songs that illuminate the many sides of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. In the first part he sings of the historical, religious, social and political conditions that served to define Jewish cultural identity there. Exuberance and irony help to bring this lost world to life. The second half of the program includes musical selections from the Ghetto diary written by the famous Jewish poet and composer Mordechai Gebirtig (1877-1942). A compact disc recording has been made of these songs commissioned by the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. The title of this program, "mir leben eybik!”´, taken from the title of a song from the Vilna Ghetto, is meant to be an expression of defiance, the indomitable will to live and undying hope.

Hier erscheint das Plakatmotiv "s s'brent! SOLO
A musical ghetto notebook of Yiddish songs
by Mordechai Gebirtig (1877-1942)

This program is dedicated to Mordechai Gebirtig; one of the most important Jewish poets and composers of eastern Europe in the last century. It was commissioned by the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The first half of the program portrays an imaginary biography of jewish life in Eastern Europe up until the Nazi invasion of Poland on September 1,1939 through exuberant, loving and ironic songs. The second half presents deeply moving songs composed by Gebirtig during the time between the invasion and his death in 1942 – a deeply moving document.

Hier erscheint das Plakatmotiv "benkshaft" benkshaft – longing DUO
With this program, the duo Daniel Kempin and Dimitry Reznik present songs that have to do with love, work, revolution, the Messiah, liberation, the holidays, America, the Shoah (Holocaust), and the State of Israel, among other Jewish themes.

Hier erscheint das Plakatmotiv "mir hojbn die hent!" mir hoybn di hent! SOLO
1997 is the 100th anniversary of the Social Democratic Union Alliance, der yiddisher algemeyner arbeterbund, for which Daniel Kempin developed this solo program. Songs from the freedom festivals Passover, Chanukah, and the Sabbath will be heard, as well as burning songs and hymns of the alliance. The Program shows that the Jewish workers movement can be seen as a logical further development of jewish religious tradition and the messianic tradition of a just ordering of society.